We are a soldiers charity Raising money for troops one gram at a time

We are a soldiers charity Raising money for troops one gram at a time

We are a soldiers charity Raising money for troops one gram at a timeWe are a soldiers charity Raising money for troops one gram at a time

About Us

What We Accept For Donations

Your old class ring, broken chain, a single earring,  gold dental scrap, white metal dental scrap, wrist and pocket watches, stones, coins, any piece of unwanted jewelry.  Whether a high end designer piece or the tiniest piece, all can add up to big changes for the life of a soldier in need.  We also accept jewelry items and coins on behalf of any of our listed veteran charities.  This ensures the maximum donation goes to that charity.

You will receive  a statement of value  before we process and donate funds to your choice of veterans charity, so you will know precisely how much is donated.

What We Do

We process the metals in house with state of the art smelting equipment, assay (assay is the evaluation of precious metal purity) the gold, then sell the gold for top dollar.  We get an average of 30% higher return on scrap metal, stones and watches than taking your items to a  buyer in your town or city.  A video of your evaluation will be emailed to you with your tax deductible receipt.

How We Help

90% of the value of refined precious metals, stones, coins, and watches goes to the top rated military charities.  These charities include Semper Fi Fund, Wounded Warrior Family Support, Homes for Troops and other charitable veterans organizations. 

Choice of destination charity


How it works

Your donation.


 Any unwanted jewelry, watches, stones, coins and even designer jewelry pieces are evaluated and sold for top market value.

You ship it to Gold For Troops through the US Postal Service


    We support the US Postal Service for our shipping. You can ship by taking your items directly to the post office or arranging a pick up using USPS.


Your package is opened and evaluated on camera


Your package is opened, weighed and evaluated on camera. Then your evaluation video is emailed to you with your receipt for tax deduction.  We are a 100% transparent organization. 

A value is put on your donated items


Our evaluation experts are accredited by the Gemological Institute of America, American Gem Society, California and Michigan Numismatic Society . We have been dealing in precious metals for over 75 years combined.

We sell the metals, stones, coins and watches at full market value


We have over 75 years in the precious metals business. We have relationships with the top refiners,  coin and stone buyers, and all of our watches are evaluated by Chronify, which is based right here in the United States. 

We receive the most for our precious metals, close to 99% when we exit.


Funds from donations are allocated to one or more of the charities as designated by the doner


We have partnered with only the top rated 

veterans charities rated by charity watch organizations.  If no designation is specified  we will split between all of the listed charities equally. 

Contact Us

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Please call with any questions you may have.

2304 South La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles CA 90034